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Christmas 2017

Taize' Prayer

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Taize´ Prayer Service at

6:00 PM

Every Second Thursday 

What is Taizé Prayer?


Taizé is a meditative prayer service that incorporates simple, repetitive songs, scripture readings, and periods of group silence in a setting of peace and soft light that fosters communion with God. Through Taizé, participants can worship in a community setting, yet remain open to the voice of God and discover the prayer within themselves. People are handed a bulletin and a candle as they come in the door, where they gather quietly in the gently lit worship space. People sit during the first few songs, which usually are simple songs with simple lyrics. These are songs of adoration, praise or petition to the Lord. Then all stand, and a few come to the front to light their candles. They then walk to the first rows, sharing their light with the person on the end, who turns to his neighbor, and shares the light.


When all the candles are lit, the song leader utters a few words of prayer, and everyone raises their candles and sings "Alleluia."


A Scripture reading follows. And, as the people sing gently again, each person comes to the front to stand their candle in a pot filled with sand, and then return to their place. When all have surrendered their candle, quietness descends, and the people sit in silent prayer for ten minutes.


The song leader ends the silence by beginning a song, which everyone sings. A time for prayer for those near, and those far away, and for all the things that are on our hearts follows. A final hymn ends the service, and everyone is invited to share the Lord's peace with their neighbor.

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